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About Us

Welcome to Club4it.com, the essential dance music Web guide.

Summer must be around the corner as in the space of less than a week the big three have announced their line ups for the top 2004 festivals. Can you wait as Global Gathering, Escape into the Park and Creamfields all jockey for position with line ups to die for and that’ll cure your bouts of insomnia. Not only that, but the summer holiday season is only just around the corner where Ibiza as always leads the way with the opening parties just over a month away.

Despite the big names on offer all over the place this summer don’t neglect to support you local club and DJ’s as without them the whole scene will become stale, in fact we think some new blood is needed now with some of the old un’s pensioned off.

File sharing will not go away despite the BPI’s threat to UK sharers and it’s not surprising. We’re screaming out for a decent paying file sharing service and are getting nothing of the sort, just last week we found a double album to download at £40.00 when you can buy it in the shops for £12.00. If you’re listening BPI stop taking the mickey and sort it out!

Club4it.com continues to become more popular, now on a ranking of 160,000 (source alexa.com) from 1,250,000 just over 8 months ago and still run by a group of DJ’s and clubbers with a couple of PC’s and laptops between them.

Changes planned for the site over the next three months or so include a resdesign of the the Flyer and Clubbing galleries (now started), relaunching of the forum (you really need to post some more) and the launching our own Internet radio station, so keep tuned as they say. Remember, we’re not a huge commercial organisation, just a group of clubbing nuts so support us when you can.
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